We Are Stardust

Tony Gee * This brief article is an introduction to ‘sense of presence’ experiences that often spontaneously occur following the death of a loved one. It sets such spiritual or transpersonal experiences within a broader framework that includes not only lived experience, but also those of social science and quantum physics. “The mechanistic and materialist mindset of the…

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Sally’s Pivot Points

Sally De Beche: Pivot Life Podcast – Sally’s pivot was 13 years in the making. She did not know that the reading of one book would be the catalyst of her finding her way to a new life and many pivots within pivots. Enjoy the podcast below and check out Sally’s “Pivot Path Tips Sheet” in the Podcast…

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Community, narrative and context

Cyntia Ueda – We, humans, are social beings. Our survival and the construction of culture – with all its richness of symbols, signs and meanings – wouldn’t happen without our gathering. One evidence, for example, is that our brains are designed to seek for loving social-attachment bonds, that through brain chemicals, called opioids, make us feel good and…

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