Guest Speakers

The Life Is Foundation has regularly organised a number of events, workshops and guest speakers.

As well as this, many exciting and innovative international and local speakers will be interviewed on the Life Is Org Au YouTube channel.

The Guest Speakers will offer wisdom and wellbeing tips for enhanced mental and emotional health, from their own rich lived experience.

Several speakers will be featured on the Life is Website. The conversation series is called Sparking Wellbeing – My steps towards living a better life – see below.

Be sure to subscribe to Life Is Org Au YouTube channel for the latest updates.

If you think that sharing your experiences would help others to foster or boost mental health and wellbeing get in touch with Sally using the LIF Contact details.

Sparking Wellbeing – My steps towards living a better life

Jennifer has long been an activist for animals and humans. Jennifer talks about her own personal struggles being managed through her creative pursuits such as writing, and cooking. Jennifer discusses how balancing her own wellbeing is something that she continues to consciously focus on daily, and, that she has become vigilant at noticing her self talk, stopping and reframing it, towards positive affirmative inner dialogue. Hear about Jennifer’s steps towards a better life. Contact Jennifer at, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. To buy Jennifer’s book: Thank you for listening! Sally


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