Life Is… Foundation (LIF) is a not for profit charitable organisation dedicated to wellbeing and harm prevention in our community. 

LIF was established after the suicide of Nellie Gee in 2005.

LIF’s mission is based on a recognition of the impact that stress, including toxic stress, adverse life events and trauma can have on our wellbeing – the effects of which are seen most acutely in suicide, but also in self harm, anxiety, depression, and general psychological and emotional distress.

LIF’s ongoing aim is to develop and implement practical wellbeing and harm prevention programs that enhance resilience as well as increase our knowledge and understanding of life challenges and of ways of being well. LIF also recognises the importance of community and social connection as essential for all ages and cultures.

While some LIF programs have specifically targeted at risk populations, LIF’s focus is on programs and activities that increase general wellbeing and self-understanding as preventative and protective ways of dealing with the stresses inherent in daily living as well as the challenges of adverse life events.

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PLEASE NOTE: The Life Is Foundation is not a crisis service and does not provide crisis support. If you are experiencing distress and need immediate support please see the Crisis Services page under our Resources menu.


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