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The Ceremonial Mind: A Door to the Pathless Path? / Introducing The Red Road to Wellbeing

Dr. Rocky Crocker, an integrative physician of Native American descent, shared teachings from indigenous North American cultures, utilizing both ancient and modern examples as well as ceremony and story, to assist participants in better understanding the role of ceremony in the awakening the ceremonial mind in modern individuals, and its relationship to the search for meaning and direction. Workshops are largely experiential in nature, and couched in the context of Native American ceremony. These workshops built on prior teachings on ceremony and the Red Road Way, with something for both prior attendees and newcomers.

Spiritual nature of voices and other extraordinary experiences: a neo-indigenous perspective

Lewis Mehl Madrona completed a PhD in Neuroscience and a post-doctoral fellowship in addictions (alcohol). He teaches psychiatry and family medicine and is an integrative medicine practitioner. Lewis is working with aboriginal communities to develop uniquely aboriginal styles of healing and health care for use in those communities. Lewis is of Cherokee and Lakota heritage. His work centres around psychosis and its treatment within community and with non-pharmacological means, narrative approaches, and further developing healing paradigms within a narrative/indigenous framework.

Pathways to Wellbeing / Physical Healing – Mental Body Healing – Emotional Healing – Spiritual Healing

Sally de Beche with Tony Gee: Explore and Experience Stories and Techniques to Soothe and Heal our Emotional, Physical and Mental Being. This course guides you through meditations, discussions and techniques that have proven effective while offering pathways to insight, clarity and healing. If you have suffered from an overactive critical mind, emotional distress or chronic pain these techniques may be helpful to quiet, calm and create self comforting or healing mechanisms.

Stories That Heal: Bringing Narrative Medicine to the Work you do already

Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madrona & Barbara Mainguy MA: Narrative ideas are blossoming from the indigenous world into contemporary practice and are taking hold. Many recognize Michael White’s narrative therapy, which is a kind of psychotherapy influenced by narrative ideas. However, White was part of a larger movement, which we aim to further explore. We will also explore the foundations for narrative ideas in both the indigenous world, in neuroscience and in contemporary philosophy. Narrative is a core idea for indigenous thought in which “all that exists is story”. Story is the social neurotransmitter of a collective brain. The notion of narrative is essential to most indigenous cultures.

Different perspectives of Aboriginal Mental Health and Suicide with Kutcha Edwards

A conference held on Aboriginal Mental Health and Suicide Prevention. Gippsland and East Gippsland Aboriginal Co-operative Limited.

Sale Baptist Church, Sale, Victoria

Native American Ceremony, Wisdom & Healing

Dr. Robert ‘Rocky’ Crocker MD led an experiential workshop on Native American Ceremony, Healing and Wisdom. Rocky spoke about the Inipi (Lodge) and other ceremonies, which bring with them a deep spiritual connection. He discussed how Ceremony can be applied to our lives including daily rituals based on Native American tradition and Spirituality. Rocky also presented ways to integrate these traditions into everyday life.


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